Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wanted: Answers to Lost

Lost is only two days away! I think this video covers anything that I have to say:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stay Golden...Golden Girls

I grew up watching Golden Girls with my family and to this day I'm a huge fan of the show. The show was so smart! It looked like some good wholesome family entertainment while on mute but then with a little volume it was suddenly a racy comedy! And can you think of any other actor that you would rather see play the characters instead of Arthur, White, McCanahan, Getty...and even Stan? The casting was perfect. Unfortunately over the past few years half of the Golden Girls have passed away and Rue McCanahan (Blanche) just suffered a stroke. The Golden Girls were so much a part of my life that when I heard that Estelle Getty had cancer and then died, I was sad. I was shocked and saddened when I heard Bea Arthur died last year. And I was afraid when I heard about Rue's stroke earlier this month, I really hope for a speedy recovery. Betty White was just awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAGS last Sunday and I couldn't have been happier for her, I wish her all the luck and love I can offer.

I love me some Golden Girls and like any young girl that had a VCR in the 90's, I loved Clueless. Brittany Murphy, who played "Tai" tragically passed away from a heart attack just before Christmas. I'm pretty sure Murphy's performance in Clueless was a break through for the young actress. I guarantee you that if you a find a gal in her late 20's/early 30's that was a Brittany Murphy fan it was because of Clueless. She will surely be missed.

But on to a happier topic, imagine a world where the Golden Girls and Clueless became one. Well, sorta. Betty White, Rue McCanahan and Estelle Getty teamed up to make a short for the 1996 MTV Movie Video Awards. The combination of the two is bold and hilarious! Cher is played by Estelle Getty and adds in her usual "Sofia" old lady jokes. Dionne is played by America's Sweetheart, Betty White. At first I thought that was an odd choice, but it works! And Rue McClanahan plays Tai perfectly! It was somehow comforting to watch the ladies pretending to be high school girls. But there was still something missing...a deep voice, sarcasm, dry (and often dark) humor and a passion for long, flowing outfits...where was Dorothy? I'm not sure why Bea Arthur wasn't in the short, but I wish she was, she would have had to play Elton I guess...or (gulp)Travis.

In honor of the Golden Girls and Brittany Murphy:

The Golden Girl Clueless Parody

Not So Much Money, Definetly Mo' Problems

I haven't been avoiding paying my student loans on purpose...well, sorta. I just can't afford the payments. I'm in a little bit of debt (who isn't these days) and I'm trying to work my way out, but my job doesn't pay much and I still want to have fun. I moved in with my dad to help with my financial situation and get a break, but that didn't happen.

Instead my mom figured it was a good time to cancel my car insurance. She was paying because I couldn't afford it before, but once I moved into my dads she quickly handed it over to me. Ok, not a big deal. Then I ended up having an infection in my tooth and without insurance I had to pay for my visit and x-rays out of pocket. I need a lot of dental work as it turns out and can't afford any of it, I'm still trying to pay off the x-rays. Soon after that I found out I was being sued for not paying my bills. I ended up settling so I didn't have to go to court. Money is taken out of my account once a month for over a year to pay off the lawsuit. That's only for one bill, I'm sure it's the first lawsuit of many.

Around the same time I ended up really sick with a double ear infection and asthmatic bronchitis, which left me with a lovely souvenir of a constant cough and asthma that I have to deal with every day now. Again, no insurance. So the visits and prescriptions all had to be paid out of pocket. I had to get breathing treatment done at the clinic too which was very pricey. After I finished my prescriptions I was still sick and needed more medicine. I had to borrow money from my dad and luckily my mom knew the owner of the clinic I was going to and got me a free second visit.

I'm fortunate that both of my parents work in jobs dealing with health care. Without them I'd be in more trouble. They work out deals to get me medication. My dad is able to get me inhalers now that I have asthma and my mom was able to get her hands in some pain killers when I broke my finger in October. Because I don't have money or health insurance, I never went to the hospital or to a doctor for my finger. In fact, I broke my finger while at work and had to work the entire day (I broke it in the morning) with nothing to dull the pain. I couldn't get anyone to come home till about 4:30 that day. Once it healed a little after a few months and I allowed my mom to touch it, she told me that I dislocated the bone. The only way to fix it is to rebreak the bone. No chance in hell. So as a result I have a bone that sticks out of my finger, right under the fingerprint, which is rather painful. There isn't complete feeling in the finger tip either and the nail (almost completely grown in now) is pretty gross.

I sat down not too long ago and figured that I could just barely afford to move out of my dad's house. A lot of ramen noodles and spaghetti are in my future, but I've been there before and made the best out of the situation. I'm not happy living with my dad and teenage brother. An opportunity came my way to rent my moms house from her so she can move back in with my dad. Her house is small and perfect and affordable with a roommate. This idea was introduced to me over the summer and it's been pushed back ever since then. Finally it sounds like March is when we can actually move in. I made a budget chart that would allow me to save up some money now so I could afford to pay my mom rent and have extra money for things for the house. Then everything changed with one phone call Tuesday morning.

I only answered my phone because I thought it was my hair dresser who has been trying to reach me. I was wrong. An hour later (I was at work and tried explaining to them that I had a child to take care of, but they didn't care) I was forced to enter a program for my student loans. I was told that I had to make a down payment of $2,000 by today. I've never had that much money in my life. Actually, I've never had more than $800 dollars. The man on the phone asked what kind of down payment I could put down after telling him that I don't have that kind of money. I explained to him that I'm moving in a few months and just started putting money on the side this past weekend and that all I had in my account was $150. He agreed to that. There is no way I could afford to pay that amount every month, especially when I move. When I told him that he spoke with his supervisor and they agreed to $122 and change. That's still too much for me. He told me to ask my parents for the money. How is it that after giving him all my information (monthly income, full expenses and my bank account information) he couldn't see that asking me to pay $122 a month would leave me with negative money? I tried explaining to him that I wasn't going to ask my parents for money and he simply told me to find the money. Outstanding. I understand that I need to pay them, but something a little more affordable would be nice.

So I have to find money. I decided to tell the people I work for about this situation. They knew about all the previous money problems and offered help but never followed through. This time it's serious. If you break down my paycheck at the end of the week it comes down to just a little over four dollars an hour. Most people my age make triple that. I figured that getting paid at least minimum wage would solve this problem. I also thought that asking for just minimum wage wouldn't be an issue but apparently it is.

Tuesday evening I was told that whatever help I needed I would get. I wasn't stressed anymore. I felt like everything would be alright, she just had to talk to her husband that night. Wednesday morning came and I realized she hadn't talked to him yet. She told me that the amount I owed wasn't really that much and I should ask my parents for the money. Really? I'm not asking for something ridiculous, am I? I'm not a flashy person, I don't need a lot of money. I choose to make little money because my job makes me happy. But I do need some money to get by in life. I didn't think minimum wage was too much to ask for. I told her that with the lawsuit and the student loan payments I can't afford to move. I need to move. They agree that I need to move and ask about it frequently. Once I told her that I wouldn't be able to move all of a sudden she said that she would "sit down and make an excel sheet and figure things out"...whatever that means.

I'm not looking for a handout. I want to get out of debt. I know that I should look for a new job, but I just can't. It's not just the bond I've created with the 22-month-old I've been taking care of since she was 3 months, it's her well being. She honestly needs me. I never asked for money when I got sued. I didn't ask when I was sick. What she may not understand is that if they won't pay me more then I have no choice but to leave. I think she's avoiding telling her husband about what's going on and I plan on talking to him if I can get him alone tonight. If not then I should see him tomorrow night. They tell me that I'm part of the family and that I can never leave them, that they don't know what they would do without me. By tomorrow night I'll either have a raise or I'll be unemployed. I make the same amount as a person on unemployment. The only difference is I work 55+ hours a week for my money.

The State of the Union was on last night and President Obama was really hitting home. Among all the topics he covered, he talked about helping with fair pay, health care and student loans. It made me emotional at one point because those three things are the heaviest burdens in my life right now. It felt surreal to have someone of his stature on my side. I'm not special (arguable) and there are people in this world woth far more problems than mine, but knowing that there is someone in this country that actually has the power to make some changes and give some relief gives me hope. Gives us all hope. The previous administration left us with nothing but relying on our luck and I think we're all looking forward to a change.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hobo Clown & Forest

I never heard of Allison Schulnik until last night when a friend told me about a claymation music video for the band Grizzly Bear. I just checked out the video (or short) tonight and not only is the song cool, but the visual is even better. I remember liking the song but I can't tell you what it sounded like because I was too engrossed in the video.


Forest from Guernica Magazine on Vimeo.

I look forward to what Schulnick does in the future, after watching "Forest" I'm a new fan. I swoon over the eyes.

Hobo Clown

Hobo Clown from Guernica Magazine on Vimeo.

Robots and Kitty Purry

I had two fantastic conversations over text messaging yesterday. I wish that I made this up for a good laugh, but these are as real as real could be.

The first was a conversation over weekend plans with a guy. It went exactly like this:

Me: I don't have much going on at all on Saturday, so whenever you want me to come over just let me know.

Guy: I have the weekend off. Only plans so far consist of robots.

Me: Robots?

Guy: Yeah I'm starting to build them.

Me: Like robot wars? Or just to have a robot?

Guy: Not sure yet. Building a few small ones first then we'll see.

Obviously I'm looking forward to Saturday even more now. I can't wait to hear more about the robots and maybe I'll even catch a glimpse! Trivia: I built a robot once in 5th grade that had roller skate feet and a mop for hair. Her. purpose was to be my servant.

The other text conversation I had yesterday was with my father. I wasn't watching American Idol, but something got my dad all worked up. And just like the previous conversation, this is word for word:

Dad: Who was bitch judge on idol?

Me: Katy Perry or Aviril Lavigne. Dark or light hair?

Dad: Dark.

Me: Katy Perry.

Dad: Do not like her.

Me: She has a cat named Kitty Purry.

Dad: I'm sure the backstabbing bitch does.

Me: Oh! Ok.

Dad: She is not a nice person.

Me: She kissed a girl and she liked it.

Dad: Oh she's the one. I like the boy who gave Ryan his number and flirted with Simon. Lol.

I have no idea what happened on Idol, but obviously my dad was pretty pissed. I loved how angry he was! My favorite line was, "Oh she's the one." ("backstabbing bitch" and "do not like her" were close seconds though). Sure, I was instagating, but wouldn't you if you got a text like that? I couldn't pass it up! And the "lol" really sealed the deal at the end for me. Quite possibly the best chat I've ever had with my dad.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Just a Couple of Criminals at the Movies

I finished reading "Alice in Wonderland" a few weeks ago and started "Through The Looking Glass" yesterday to get ready for Tim Burton's adapted version coming out just before Spring. A local theatre is screening the 1933 version of "Alice in Wonderland" at the George Eastman House (Dryden Theatre) to feed the Alice fever going 'round. I even splurged at a local record shop recently to buy a near mint condition of The Great Society with Grace Slick album which includes the song "White Rabbit".

Yesterday was exceptionally exciting for me since I was going with my friend to the theatre to watch the black and white, 35mm version of "Alice in Wonderland". I took advantage of any free second I had at work to speed read through "Through The Looking Glass", trying to soak up every word before the movie started that night (I still have about 100 pages left). My friend was just as equally excited. She wrote an email to me saying that she was thinking about wearing her Alice shirt to the big movie event. Once 4:00 came, I spent majority of my time staring at the clock, waiting to head out to the theatre. One thing was for sure, I wasn't going to watch this film sober. "Alice in Wonderland" holds a reputation associated with drugs and I planned on enjoying the movie to it's full capabilities.

I left work and sped home to get some supplies: an apple, a wet paper towel, a pencil and some weed. I got my goods and ran through a drive-thru to grab a bagel for dinner. After that I was set. I was on my way to get high and watch a trippy movie. Life was good. The movie started at 7:00, I pulled into the parking lot around 6:20 and waited for my friend to arrive. I pulled out my apple, paper towel, pencil, marijuana and realized I gave my lighter away recently. So I ran to the nearest gas station while cursing myself out and grabbed one real quick. Back in business! I found a more discreet parking spot at the theatre and pierced my apple three times with the pencil. I wiped the apple and my hands with the paper towel and packed some pot into one of the holes. My friend still wasn't there and we had a good half hour until the movie began, I enjoyed my apple flavored drugs until she came.

Once she arrived (not wearing her Alice shirt) we went in to buy our tickets and grab something from the cafe. Before the theatre screens a film they give a small lecture about what you are about to see and there are usually notes. While in the cafe my friend was looking over the notes and confusingly asked what they were for. Listed were two films, "My Name is Julia Ross" and "Gun Crazy" along with facts about the films. I was pretty high and had no idea what she was talking about, I poured myself a cup of tea and ordered a brownie. Once we were seated and I had my brownie in my lap I looked over the notes for the evening and then realized what she was trying to tell me. There was no mention of "Alice in Wonderland" on that double sided piece of paper. I instantly started laughing while my friend stared at me with no amusement what so ever.

"I think we came to watch the wrong movie," I said while trying to remember to breath while laughing. She still wasn't laughing. I ran down to the lobby to grab a calendar to double check. There was no way we came the wrong night, I wrote it on my calendar at home, I put it in my blackberry, I gave the theatre's calendar a week ago to my friend and she put it in her work calendar...we couldn't be wrong! But then I opened to the page displaying AIW...February. Sunday. 21st. Oops. All I saw was the number, 21, and put the event down in my calendar for January. During this a-ha moment I still was laughing uncontrollably and my friend was still not amused.

"Well, we might as well stay and check out one of the films," I said trying to make the best of the situation, "Film Noir! They must be pretty decent. And the first one is only an hour long, we can leave after that if you want..."

"I'm so mad at you right now," my friend said, "I'm going downstairs to buy popcorn."

She came back telling me that she robbed the cafe for $15. Well, those weren't her words and it didn't happen exactly like a robbery, but that's generally what happened. I told her she had to give the money back and she replied with, "Well, we're in a recession."

The curtain started to raise and a man approached the podium. He started talking about the first film, "My Name is Julia Ross" and I realized that I knew him, we worked together at Media Play. I hoped that he didn't recognize me. The movie began and any time I chuckled or laughed my friend gave me a look...which made me laugh even harder. After all was said and done the filmed ended up being pretty good, I never saw the guy I used to work with again and we left before the second film began.

My friend went home, drank a bunch of beers and watched Tommy Lee Jones in "Volcano". I smoked, made taco dip and was able to catch all my Thursday night comedies before bed.

Ah, just another day in the life of moi.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Golden Globe Predictions

I'll keep this short and sweet since the ballot speaks for itself, but it's award season and there's nothing I love more. Some categories for the Golden Globes were tough this year! I spent a grueling, sweat producing one and a half hours on my ballot. Some hard decisions I had: Best Animated Feature Film, Best Performance by an Actor in Television Drama, Best Television Series in Comedy or Musical, Best Performance by an Actress in Television Comedy or Musical. Some other categories were especially tough since I haven't seen everything yet. So based on what I saw and some well thought out guesses, I give you...(drum roll) 2010 Golden Globe predictions!

Nominated Movies I've Seen:
Inglourious Basterds
An Education
(500) Days of Summer
The Hangover
It's Complicated
Julie & Julia
The Proposal
Sherlock Holmes
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Fantastic Mr. Fox

Nominated Television I Watch:
Mad Men
30 Rock
Modern Family
The Office
United States of Tara
Nurse Jackie
Hung (I only saw the first half and didn't care for it too much)
How I Met Your Mother

Oh and I own and love the Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mustache Cup

It's no secret that I have a thing for mustaches. I have no explanation as to where this obsession came from, but since I was young I just always thought mustaches were funny. Here I am as a kid with a homemade (creepy) mask with a fabulous mustache!

I've successfully have had a few boyfriends grow mustaches for me and it's one of those memories that I hold dear to my heart today about them. While I was in Boston last summer I bought a very handsome mustache mug...very handsome. And friends regretted to inform me this year that the mustache ornament they wanted to buy me for Christmas was sold out.

I've been doing a lot of mustache research recently for an upcoming project I'm working on. One of my favorite things I have come across while researching these upper lip hairs is the mustache cup. The mustache cup is not a cup made out of mustaches, but a cup that has a guard to keep ones mustache dry from the liquid contents inside. I've suddenly required an urge to start collecting these. I'm bidding on a rather lovely one on eBay from Japan right now.

I felt it only necessary to share my new love of this not-so-new cup with the world. So now I give you...mustache cups!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cause Who Doesn't Love A Mixtape?

I usually spend majority of my time listening to music and this weekend has been no exception. Over the past 36 hours I have been listening to music for about 13 of those hours, the rest has been me sleeping or working. I like so much music that I usually listen in shifts. I'll listen to one band for a while and then switch to another, coming back to old and familiar stuff and of course checking out what's new.

So here's what I've been listening to lately:

Muse - Absolution
Beck - Odelay
Simon & Garfunkel - The Graduate Soundtrack
Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits
Muse - The Resistance
The Great Society with Grace Slick - Conspicuous Only In Its Absence
Cream - Disraeli Gears
Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
(500) Days of Summer Soundtrack

Im ashamed to list this last one. I'm not on the Twilight wagon, but the soundtrack to New Moon is pretty rad. *blushing*

Oh and here's a little mixtape of songs from the albums above. Don't say I never gave you anything!

Music Playlist at

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Perfect Family Vacation

Family vacation. Those two words are enough to make me break out in hives and my stomach to flip. I haven't been on a family vacation in years, I think the last one was 2002. I was actually banned from family vacations that year. Oh don't feel bad for me, it's how I would want it anyways. My family likes to think that I ruin every vacation and holiday...and they're right. In fact, both my brothers this year told me they were impressed that I didn't ruin Thanksgiving or Christmas. I will admit that I was extremely high and drunk during Thanksgiving dinner, but no one seemed to notice (which could cause some worrying in itself) and I almost ruined Christmas by showing a home video from Christmas 1993 in which one of my brothers repeatedly yells "Happy birthday, Jesus!" after opening presents and screams like a monkey when my dad tries to steal his Reese's peanut butter cup. Luckily, I turned it off before my brother started crying.

Top 3 Family Moments I've Ruined:

Mother's Day 1996. After asking my mom what she wanted for Mother's Day, she told me "nothing" I didn't get her anything. I was about 13 and that's when I learned how crazy women (including my mother) can be. Mother's Day morning came and everyone showered my mom with flowers, chocolate and presents. I suddenly felt bad, so I ran upstairs and made a homemade card. Apparently, the card wasn't enough. My mom left that morning and didn't come home till bedtime. While she was gone I had a day full of screaming from my dad and brothers. I make sure to always go overboard on Mother's Day now...lots and lots of presents.

Christmas Eve 1991 was another huge one, but not entirely my fault. I've never been big on religion. Even as a kid it just didn't make sense to me, it all just seemed stupid and made up. My little brother, who was about 5-years-old at the time was a big believer in God and Jesus. Our grandma was staying with us for Christmas and she was incredibly religious. My brother and I started fighting over the cross I was wearing. I only wore the cross when my grandma was around or when I was forced to wear it for special occasions. I kept telling him there was no God and he kept getting upset. I offended him so much that he was trying to rip the cross off my neck...and he did. My parents ended up leaving, and I honestly don't remember what lead to that, but my grandma stayed with us and gave us quite the lecture. She told us that we had to pray to Jesus. I for sure was not about to pray to Jesus, but she told us that he would kill our parents if we didn't pray to him for our forgiveness. Nice tactic, huh? So I prayed. My parents came home alive and yelling at my grandma after we told them what she said.

I've always had a bit of attitude, but I keep my mouth shut for the most part...unless you really start pissing me off, then I'm guaranteed to say something offensive. Florida 2002 was no exception. We were at an Olive Garden in Orlando for dinner and it was near the end of our week long vacation. I was ready to kill every single member of my family. Again, I don't really remember what lead up to the big fight, but I said something to my mom and made her cry. Instead of keeping my mouth shut, I just kept going...a weeks worth of steam was coming out. Eventually my mom got up, called me a "bitch" and left the restaurant. Oh yes, a scene was created. All eyes were on our table. I guess no one else could take the heat cause they all got up, giving me dirty looks and making remarks like "Nice going!" and "Why do you have to be such a bitch?". The restaurant was still staring and it was rather uncomfortable. I wasn't about to leave though (I tend to be stubborn and stick to my guns), so I remained seated, took a sip of water and started eating. They all started trickling back in slowly for a very silent dinner. After that I was told that I wasn't allowed to go on anymore family vacations.

And here we are, 2010 and rumors of a family vacation. My dad just told me that we are going to Florida again. I grimaced and asked, "Do I have to go?" The room filled with laughter, but I was dead serious. "Well, what if you had your own condo with your friends?" my dad offered. I started thinking about it and then my mom chirped in, "Oh good! Then I can have somewhere to go when I need a break from the boys!" Lazers came out of my eyes. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I told them that I didn't want to go. My dad could see the distress on my face. He then said, "Oh, but the dogs...maybe you could go a week after us and watch the dogs while we're gone?" I quickly agreed to this. Phew! That was a close one! They can still pay for my share, but just for a different week without them. A family vacation without my family. A perfect family vacation.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Not So Proud

Here's a fun list of moments in my life:

-Got high at a playground, got a ride home from a friend, took off my pants in the car for no reason, had him drop me off three streets before mine and sprinted home in my underwear.

-After a night of drinking many Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat beers I swallowed a glowstick.

-I prostituted myself for one night on accident. Brothers. Didn't make much money. Threw up at drive-thru speaker of McDonald's as someone was taking our order.

-Had a party that involved lots of beer and weed...resulting in me pissing my pants and not knowing it. Words remembered: "Oh my God! You pissed your pants!" and "Wash your vagina."

-About 4 or 5 St. Patrick's days ago I drank so much whiskey that I went blind. Asked some guy if he had seen my friends. He showed me where they were and then started making out with me, since I couldn't see him I just went along with it. Friend sees me, yells at me and then tells me how ugly that was...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

-Once got an innocent bystander punched in the face for telling some guy that he smelled like gasoline and cologne. He got so mad at me that he punched the first guy that he saw. (Sorry to the man exiting a cab on Alexander St a few years ago.)

-Had a nail go through the arc of my foot while trying to break into my friend's house. Had no idea what happened until I woke my friend up to ask her why my foot had a hole in it and hurt so bad. Ended up having to go to the emergency room.

-Peed my pants while drunk/sleepwalking at my cottage. First tried peeing in dresser drawers and was stopped. After I was told where the bathroom was (we have an outhouse on the side of our property) I tried climbing out the window. Then was walked outside and directed towards the outhouse. Apparently, I never made it. Woke up in bed with no pants or underwear on without a clue. My pissy pants and underwear were in front of the bedroom door. I had completely pissed my pants and took them off before getting into bed.

-Was so drunk that my friends had a bouncer carry me around like a potato sack to all the bars.

-One time during "adult relations" I fell asleep. I was on top. Pretended to still be asleep when he left the next morning.

-Once was kicked out of a bar for trying to fight a man who was easily a foot taller than me and about double my size.

-Had a boyfriend for weeks and didn't know.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Have You Seen This Man?

I found this card in the street and proudly displayed it in my bedroom. I thought it was funny and creepy and lets' face it...awesome. What a find! But after looking at it for weeks now I'm curious as to where the card came from. It's the same size as a playing card. It looks like it could be from a game, but I couldn't find anything after a google search. The card is blue and the back reads "Male faces" with a yellow male symbol and random faces of both genders in the background. So what I need now is help. If anybody thinks they might know where it came from I would be forever grateful. I want more of this beauty.

And does anybody know who that man is? :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lost: Season Five

I did it. I watched all five seasons of Lost in less than two months! Now I have to remember what life was like before Lost...well, until the final and sixth season begins in February.

Some comments...

I like the idea of time travel on the island and now that it's explained (even if I didn't understand it) it somehow all makes sense.

I like how everything is coming together and I'm excited for everything else to be the statue and hieroglyphics. How long has civilization been on the island? I wish they played more with that when the island was "skipping" through time. I'm also very curious as to who the fella pretending to be John is (I forget his name- the one talking to Jacob on the beach) and where did he come from? And while we're on that subject, where did Jacob come from and how is he in charge? Similar thoughts with Richard- why doesn't he age and why isn't he the leader of the Others? Was that man part of the group when Whidmore was in it? So many questions!

The one thing I wasn't crazy about was Sawyer's relationship with Juliet. I didn't buy it. I didn't like how they all started working for the Dharma Initiative. It just didn't seem right. Highly out of character for Sawyer, but I guess that's why he wasn't Sawyer....he is James now. (I want Sawyer back)

I'm pretty excited that Jack got the shit kicked out of him a few times, that made up for a lot.

The "monster" is obviously ancient, how did it get on the island? It doesn't seem organic. It made Ben see his dead daughter and tell him that he must go along with whatever John does, but it wasn't John at what the fuck was going on with that? Was it a coincidence? Or did the man posing as John, and wanted Jacob dead, have something to do with it? Was he pretending to be Christian, Jack and Claire's father, too?

What the fuck happened to Claire?!

Jacob touched every survivor on the plane at some point, I want more about this. Why them? I also want to know how everyone is connected, which I thing would answer the other question too. Like Sawyer meeting Kate's mom, Hugo in the TV in Korea, Jacks's father, John's dad being Mr. "Sawyer", etc...

I guess I'll have to wait another month or so to see what comes of all this. When Juliet activated the bomb, what happened? Did it all just erase? Did they go back or forward in time? Did they all die? I hope that everything doesn't erase. They all had shitty lives before the island. I don't know why they would want that back. As much as I love the 70's, it's getting kind of old. I'm hoping that they go back into time, way when the statue was just being built. I think we'll finally get all, or many, of the answers we need.

Any predictions?

Oh and I'd like to thank everyone for not giving away any key plot info. It was, and still is, much appreciated.

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