Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sir Paul McCartney

If only I was born a couple decades earlier I would be married to Paul McCartney. Good Morning America had a segment on the love of my life this morning. Paul's new solo album is coming out and is said to be his best solo work. It's said to be a personal album. GMA hinted toward references about his late, and lovely, wife Linda. I don't know much about the album besides what was reported this morning, which wasn't much, but I am definitely going to purchase and listen intently. Natalie Portman stars in his music video for his first single off the highly anticipated album. I'm so excited for Paul after all he has been through this year, he needs something positive in his life. Why not a kick ass album? I got your back, Paul.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No Cell Phone Left Behind Act

My cell phone was recently stolen at a local Wal*Mart and I was devastated. I do not have any other way of my work getting into contact with me or vice versa. Also, I depended on technology so much that I had never memorized any phone numbers. This tends to be more of a laziness problem than a dependent situation. I have a contract and phone insurance with Verizon Wireless, so I contacted them and had them send me a new phone. Sure enough my new phone was sent a day later. I'm in the process of getting all the numbers back into my phone. However, it dawned on me a few hours ago that I had lost all the ringtones I had downloaded. I was a little annoyed, but just went to the Verizon website to download them back onto my phone. As I am browsing the ringtones, I am asked to enter in the model of my cell phone. I took notice immediately that my phone was not listed. "How odd," I thought to myself. I used the same website in February to download my latest ringtone and my phone was listed. Suddenly, I became irate. I decided the best thing to do was to call the company and find an answer. I wanted to be angry with the representative, but she was extremely nice and I couldn't be upset with her. After all, it wasn't her fault. After explaining myself and my situation to the understanding woman on the other line, she was as confused as I was. We tried everything we could think of, as if we were a team. It's a shame that I forgot her name. Anyways, about a half hour passes and we still have no solution. The "Verizon Sweetheart", as I would like to call her, spoke with a supervisor was told that you now need a camera phone to receive or download any ringtones or graphics. I, however, have neither of those great functions. The future looked dim for my wanting of Cream's dated ringtone. My new best friend felt a great deal of sadness and expressed how deeply sorry she was for me. As a gift of pity, she refunded my bill any downloads I had put on that phone within the year. It was a great gift and all, but I will never see that money. I am under my father's name and he pays the bill. It was kind of like having a gift waved in front of my face and then giving it away to the person sitting next to me. Or like waving that pepperoni in front of your dog's nose before putting it in your mouth. I appreciated the gesture, but wasn't completely happy. I could have been happier. She must have sensed my slight disappointment and decided within the goodness of her heart that I should look for camera phones on Ebay. I took her advice and have begun my search for my newly adopted cell phone. So I must depart and leave no child, I mean...cell phone, behind. How dare Verizon for tossing my cell phone aside to make room for the better improved and pretty ones! Old phones need love too. People around the world: love your phones for the phone that they are.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Lost Cinema

I'm having difficulty finding a good movie lately. It's not that great films aren't made anymore, but there are too many people making bad movies right now that the good ones are being suffocated with reels of nonsense. What's even more frustrating than the search of a better than average flick are the people that are so used to the garbage being put out there that they are actually enjoying it! I'm don't want to watch the best movie produced every Friday night, but something worth watching every now and then would be satisfying. Another problem that I have been having is trying to get my hands on some of the greats through rentals. I belong to Blockbuster Online. I love being a member. I have my movies shipped to my house. After I watch them I can walk one block to Blockbuster and return my movie for a free in store rental. It's reasonable, convenient, and basically brilliant. With all the benefits that Blockbuster has to offer, I can not rent whatever I want. They do not offer every movie ever made. I don't expect them to, but when there are more than ten copies of Stomp the Yard on the shelf and not one Pink Flamingos copy in the store or online I become worried. I would love to recommend you to rent Pink Flamingos, but you are going to have to find a place a little more obscure. Sure John Waters is a little different and the film is a little vulgar, but in my opinion it's really a good film. It's great to go out and watch a mindless, fun film once in a while. I own a few, but Blockbuster and the rest of the world seem to be consumed with these movies. But anything with a commercial nowadays makes the population go goo-goo. It must be worth seeing if they can afford a trailer on television! All I would like to see is the community of movie renters to bypass the wall filled with the latest hit and read the back of the lonely copy next to it. It could be the worst movie you ever saw or it could become your next favorite film. Take a gamble. Gambling never hurt anyone, right?

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