Friday, August 3, 2012

Garden Update

Thought I would give a quick garden update from the last blog and share some more pictures! Between the heat and the rain that we finally got, this garden has been working overtime it seems. We've had some obstacles though. We have various wildlife in our neighborhood...which is odd since we are in the city just walking distance to Kodak. We have the usual garden pests like rabbits, bugs, chipmunks, mice/rats and birds. But we also have skunks, possums and a giant groundhog. One of those dug huge holes in our neighbors yard under the fence to get into ours after closing off a bunch of gaps in our fence. These guys will stop at nothing. Our biggest problem this year isn't the groundhog though (even though he did dig a few plants up, roots and all!)'s our 3 month old puppy. We got Alfie when she was only 6 weeks and already has decided that she loves asparagus, dill, berries and trying to pull the cantelope plant out of the ground. Although she is getting better, she's still a hungry puppy who can't help the temptation. However, she loves to weed. She just can't really tell a weed from a veggie plant. With all the plants beginning to really flourish we are starting to talk about freezing our produce to hopefully last a bit into the winter. Any freezing/storage tips or suggestions?

Alfie checks out a spaghetti squash that outgrew the garden

I took a picture of this pepper when he was just a lil guy...he's getting bigger.

I lied last time about the asparagus being done for the season (don't mind the weeds)

Check out how big the cantelope in the hammock is getting!

Spaghetti squash! The one on the left is the one Alfie is pictured with above.

This is where we used to be able to keep our hose. Oh and there are beans and peas in there...but the squash has literally taken over the entire section. Bully squash: green and yellow squash (left) spaghetti squash (right)

Corn that has to be at least 7 feet tall!

Carrots. Say, what's up Doc?

Blackberries still coming!

We had one strawberry. Compliments of Alfie.

Remember when I said these were sweet peppers last time? I lied again, I guess. These babies are hot!

Another melon growing...this time on the ground

Some green summer squash

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