Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Said Becoming Vegan Was Hard?

In case you're curious what sort of vegan deliciousness we've been getting into while I'm unemployed...

We had to eat it a day late but here's the feast I made for my boyfriend's birthday!
Ma! The meatloaf! FUCK! (and corn and mashed potatoes w/ gravy)

 No, it's not a veiny sausage.I know it looks gross but I promise you it was yummy!
 Frozen banana smothered in chocolate, drizzled with homemade peanut butter topping 

We finally got a bed! No more futon! But before we got the mattress we had to make some treats as a trade.
Mexican Wedding Cakes
 Here's my dessert platter from the other night. Who said becoming vegan was hard?
Mexican Wedding Cake, Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie and a Snickeroo!

We're leaving for Philly in the morning to spend an overnight, eat vegan food and check out a basketball game  as my present to the boy to celebrate his birth. We're stoked about going! I wrote down a few vegan bakeries to check out and we'll be paying a few visits to some record stores too. Anyone have any suggestions for a quick visit to Philly? 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update To My Crazy Life

Well I put my notice in at work last Thursday and that night before I went to bed I received an email stating that the following day would be my last. It was bittersweet. I was glad to leave but nervous about money, mainly because I have none. Then my wheels started turning. Maybe they would give me at least a weeks pay for the sudden notice? Nope. Not one penny more and they actually had me stay later than I was supposed to! Phew...glad that's over. On top of the stress of money, I found out that my mom is going to be renting her house to my boyfriend and I and a friend of ours. Sweet! Wait, we have no money...shit. Time to get some! As if the stress isn't enough right now, I've decided to start two businesses. I know, I'm crazy. More on that as more becomes finalized, but for now here's a look into my first three days of freedom:

Day One of my new life was extremely lazy. It's too embarrassing to even think about.

Day Two started with a thorough car cleaning in temperatures just peaking thirty degrees with The Dead Weather blaring out of my dad's garage. After that I sorted out pennies from the rest of my almost twenty bucks worth of change and then decided to re-alphabetize my records and listen to a few.

Day Three was a little more social. After dropping my boyfriend off at work, I picked up our soon to be roommate and we went over to check out my mom's house which lead to my mom taking us our to lunch. The menu had vegetarian options! The food was good but the decor was country diarrhea, hard to digest. After we all went our separate ways I stopped in a Verizon only to waste my time. They really should change the name to Verjizzon. I picked up my boyfriend, he made a tasty vegan pizza and I made a vegan texas cake. I meant to take pictures but we were hungry. Sorry.

I'm definitely looking forward to spend more time learning how to cook and bake vegan, sewing too. Ad of course I'll have more time to spend with my awesome boyfriend and friends. Life may be a little tough right now, but I'm doing OK. I'm happy and I can't wait for the future.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Case "Work Rant" Closed

The other morning family 2 told me that I have to immediately stop watching family 1 and since they can't give me the raise I want I've decided that I'm going to quit. I'll still work for family 1 part time and I plan on starting my own business (more on that soon!). I'll work for Family 2 until the end of the month, hopefully, and family 1 is just going to have to wait a few, rough weeks but they are completely supportive and excited. They offered me a generous around for only a few hours a week and even offered to let me borrow money if I hit a rough patch during the transition. I forgot what it feels like to be appreciated. It all makes sense now. It's not about the money, it's about doing the right thing for everyone involved. I'm looking forward to the future and all the happiness that follows...well maybe starting in April. ;)

I have to say that if it wasn't for the support and advice I got from everyone, whether it was a tweet, a comment on my blog, an email or a text, I wouldn't have made this decision. I was overwhelmed by all the responses and I am extremely thankful for every single one of you. THANK YOU! I love you. And speaking of love, I'm positive I wouldn't be making it through this if it wasn't for my boyfriend. He has had to listen to every single complaint (often more than once) and some how he still held me every day (often more than once) and told me that everything would be ok. I feel like myself again now. He comforted me every night and every morning. And sent me messages throughout the day with words of encouragement, laughter and love. He is my motivation. My boyfriend truly is my hero. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Case "Work Rant" Opened

I'm a nanny for two families. Family 1 I've been with for over six years and I have been through a lot with them including their first son diagnosed with a form of autism. I worked with both, occupational and speech, therapists a few times a week with their son and continued to work with him after we lost the therapists and he was put into special ed once he started school. While all this was going on the family had another baby who ended up needing part of his skull removed. A few months after the baby's surgery we were informed that the new big brother could start 2nd grade in a "normal" classroom, he was no longer labeled as autistic in any way. The news was incredible and his parents told the school I was the one who worked with their son fives times a week. I'd never been more flattered and proud in my life. I'll never forget that. And let me be to clear to state that I'm not claiming I cured him or anything he was labeled with, I learned a lot from his therapists and just continued all the exercises. He's the smartest and most creative little person I know and I give him credit to everything, but all that matters is that both boys are completely healthy. But because of the heath issues surrounding the kids, the mother's job wasn't sympathetic and they could no longer afford to keep me full time. I didn't want to leave them and they didn't want me to leave. They set me up with neighbors of theirs who shared me so I could still work full time, even if I only watched family 1 once or twice a week. However, I ended up being offered double of what I was making by another family (family 2) and it just made sense. I stopped watching the neighbors and kept watching family 1 part time while starting to watch family 2. The money I was promised ended up being cut in half in a matter of three months. I've been with family 2 for almost three years now and since they just had a baby, I just got my first raise...an extra five bucks a day. Isn't that sweet of them? Five fucking dollars! My teenage brother makes more money than me. Luckily, family 1 offered me more days...meaning more money. Of course I accepted! Things were looking up. My boyfriend and I have been talking about going on a few (much needed) trips this summer and buying a house. Everything was perfect timing.

I told family 2 about the news. They've always been supportive about me still working for family 1 and loved that their daughter was able to get some kid-on-kid interaction when I would bring her over with me. But once I told them that family 1 needed help twice a week the shit hit the fan. All of a sudden I was told that I can't watch family 1. WTF? Family 1 said they would do anything to keep me (the father already works three jobs and it's been explained that one of those jobs pays to keep me around). So family 2 told me that they didn't want the baby being driven across the city that much, which I completely understand (as does family 1). Family 1 told me that they would drop their one son off and pick him up so I wouldn't have to do any driving and that they would find other arraignments to get their other kid on and off the bus. Problem solved...or so I thought. Family 2 signed their daughter up for preschool, dance classes and soccer all in the same week to make my life a living hell, I'm sure. Family 1 moved their schedules around and are now going to be working weekends in order to compromise with family 2. But then family 2 told me that having another kid in the house would be too stressful and germy. Guess it's ok though when their nieces are dropped off unexpectedly...oh and I've never been paid to watch the nieces. And I guess we don't bring any germs home with us after we go to the library, museum and various play centers and playgrounds, right?

Family 2 asked me to give them a number that I would need in order to stop watching family 1. After taking what I make now (which boils down to about $4/hour) and adding what I'd be losing from no longer working for family 1, plus the cost of an infant I gave them a number. Since the dad of family 2 has been out of work since the summer I made the number as fair as possible to both parties involved, but it was still a low number...not even double of what I make. Today I was given a typed document from family 2. They offered me $20 less a week than I asked for...pre tax. I don't know much about taxes but it sounds like I'm going to be bringing home a lot less money at the end of the week than I thought I was originally. In fact, they want to pay me what the cost for one child would cost...not two (one of which being only three-weeks-old). Family 1 refuses to lose me and because of that I had to work a twelve hour shift today. I love family 1 and their two boys. LOVE. And I love family 2's kids too, but they have a kid who kicks, hits, pinches, scratches, bites, screams, spits and will fart and burp in my face whenever she gets the chance with absolutely no discipline. If I put her on time out or raise my voice either I'm scolded by the mother or the mother rushes to her daughter's side and tells her that everything is alright. The boys from family 1 always ask me why shes so bad...even other kids notice something isn't right. By the way, I haven't mentioned that family 2 expects a nanny to also be a maid, cleaning lady and handy man? In their defense, one did just have a c-section and the other has been recovering from back surgery but both are completely mobile to do some of my laundry list, which oddly enough starts doing the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, shoveling, taking the garbage and recyclables out (and in),  picking up everything left behind from their three-year-old daughter from when I left around 5pm the day before, changing outlet plates throughout the house, installing a curtain rod with the help from a drill (I have no health insurance), using a buzz saw and installing molding along their, now, finished basement which was flooded over the weekend. So much for my hard work...but serves them right!

So I'm stuck right in the middle of a situation with a solution that seems obvious yet...not. I wish I had money saved somewhere. Is 30 too old to finally open a savings account? I figured that two years will give me enough money to save up that $200 needed.

What would you do?

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