Sunday, February 27, 2011

Once You Go Black Swan...

Time for the Acedemy Awards! Whew! Has it already been 83 years?! Back then five films were usually nominated for Best Picture (or Best Production). Sure, less movies were made eighty years ago but just because anyone can make a movie now doesn't mean we can't be picky and find the best from the rest. As far as I'm concerned ten movies are just too much. The Best Picture category this year has some weeds. Calm down, potheads. Although I'm quite certain that every movie nominated this year would be more enjoyable with a visit from the nug squad. With that said, this just seems like a bum year for awards. So let's dive in anyways!

Best Picture
Let's take a look at each one here and, basically, do what the Academy should have done...

I love Danny Boyle and James Franco but I expected more from the both of them, leaving me unimpressed with 127 Hours. Is that snobby? Oh well, fuck it. Chin up boys...and step it up.

The Kids Are Alright??? I watched it, had mixed feelings and went to bed.

Jeff Bridges and The Coen brothers have proved to be a perfect pair in the past and I'm afraid that without El Duderino himself, True Grit just would be crappy CGI mountains surrounding a stronger performance by fifteen-year old Hailee Steinfeld than Matt Damon's had in twelve years.
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I didn't get a chance to see Winter's Bone, but either did you. I guess there's some chatter about John Hawkes winning an actors award though. Guess I'll bump it up in the Netflix queue.

Social Network. Hmm. I feel like this movie came out a little too soon. I understand why it's being called "a film of a generation" but a film about Facebook winning an Oscar puts a bad taste in my mouth. I'm a Fincher fan but most of the time I was confused and distracted by trying to figure out if Mark Zuckerberg was in some way autistic. I later found out that he is not, which is just one of the other many misinterpretations found within the maybe it does define a generation after all.

Well, I didn't get to watch The Fighter in time for tonight but I doubt it's going to win Best Picture anyways.

I'll say it, I loved Inception and as much as I hate movies winning awards for blockbuster status...I wouldn't mind seeing it take home Best Picture. It won't but I could watch the rotating fight scene over and over again.

Is it me or did anyone else think that Toy Story 3 was fucked up? I found my heart pounding at times out of fear. Between the creepers duo of Big Baby and Lots-O, I was just waiting for a gang bang. While watching it with children I kept checking their little faces to make sure they weren't noticing how much I was freaking out and to be sure they weren't scared too...instead I found smiles and twinkles in their eyes. WTF?! I'm sure this horrific tale will win the category for Best Animation anyways. Hey, Academy! How does Pixar's dick taste?

Ok, so this may be altered a tad, but it's right on the money.

Bottom Line.
Who should win- Black Swan Who will win- The King's Speech

Best Director:
Who should win- Darren Aronofsky Who will win- David Fincher

Best Actor:
You would think that James Franco would win for cutting off his arm but I just didn't buy his performance. I did love Jeff Bridges though (as always) and we already know my thoughts on the portrayal of Facebook's Zuckerberg. Sadly, I didn't get around to Biutiful and Colin Firth seems to be the favorite. I liked Firth in The King's Speech, so sure...I'll choose him.

Best Actress:
I'm all about the swan this year. Sorry ladies, Natalie Portman wins. Hands down.

Best Documentary:
I admit I didn't see any of the documentary's this year but I'd love to see Exit Through the Gift Shop win over the other contenders. Unfortunately, money seems to always win in this day and age so I think Inside Job has the best chance.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my boyfriend who had to sacrifice a lot of basketball games in order for me to watch these movies. How much basketball does he watch? Check out his blog to find out. We're making a feast tonight to celebrate The 83rd Academy Awards. A roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables and even some chocolate peanut butter oatmeal deliciousness for dessert! I love award season!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Vegan Valentine

Oh, Valentine’s Day (insert cliché feelings here). Work has been stressing me out and the boy has been picking up the pieces on a daily basis and doing his best to keep me sane. I feel bad he’s been stuck with a crazy girlfriend lately and decided that he needed a special treat for dealing with me. The first thing I did after work Friday night was drive around town looking for a special Valentine’s Day present for the boy. After a hissy fit in Best Buy I decided to get something a little more…dangerous yet satisfying. Now, I may like the bad boys but I’m a good girl (right?) so I made a bunch of goodies for my love too as a thank you for always being there, loving me and for being so fucking awesome. After all, he is the love of my life.

I made another loaf of bread but this one was baked with a secret message! 
(the yeast is sneaky)

We made chocolate peanut butter pillow cookies Saturday night. A chocolate cookie with a peanut butter filling! Ga-ga-goo!

Might as well add some homemade peanut butter frosting!

I knew these were in our future since the boy loves chocolate and peanut butter and I love cupcakes. The chocolate cupcake batter was heavenly and the peanut butter frosting…GIGGIDTY!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flash Delirium

Good morning.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baking, Sewing, Love and Pizza

We were extra domesticated this weekend. The family I work for is having a baby tomorrow and I wanted to make something for the baby, plus something for the big sister. I looked around for easy newborn ideas and decided to make a few sets of burp clothes for the new little guy.  Oh and of course, a princess dress for his sister.

In between projects we ordered a no cheese pizza from Papa John’s after finding out their dough and sauce is vegan. They were having a sale for a large pizza with up to seven toppings for ten dollars so we ordered mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, pineapple and onion. The boy sprinkled some mozzarella Daiya on his slices and we both added the “parm” cheese I made last week. We usually buy the frozen Amy’s no cheese pizza but having Papa John’s was a nice change and not to mention…delicious.

I attempted making a three grain bread recipe from Vegan on the Cheap this morning and just enjoyed a slice with a generous slab of earth balance butter. It turned out awesome! We plan on using it for sandwiches and for dipping in sauce and soup. The prep was easy enough to do once a week but I’d love a bread machine to cut the work in half!

While I was finishing sewing my boyfriend started making these amazing oatmeal, chocolate peanut butter cookies, also from the vegan cookbook, that turned out to be a hit! I think I’ll keep him.

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