Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheesy Vegan

I bought a vegan cookbook this week because after flipping through a few pages I was confident that I would use majority of the recipes instead of just the usual three to five recipes I find in most cookbooks.
The recipes are simple and the ingredients are cheap. I can’t wait to make about 99% of the recipes in the book (the other 1% has cabbage in the recipes and I don’t take kindly to cabbage). Some are going to happen sooner than later. I’m talking to you, chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting!!! I recommend this cookbook to anyone who likes to make delicious food but doesn’t always have the time or the money…vegan or not! I’m sold.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Human Sized Dresses

I tried making my first human size dress this weekend. I thought a jumper would be the easiest style to attempt.
 Hey, look! It's a Little Miss dress!

Next I thought I'd try a dress with sleeves. It took me all day but I finally finished this afternoon. I decided that a pattern was the easy way out, and being as stubborn as I am, I did everything with just measuring tape, lots of pins and my brain.

They aren't perfect and I have a lot of learning and practice ahead of me, but I'm up for the challenge.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Am I Coming In Clear?

I've been absent a lot from the internet. No, I'm not fasting on purpose, I've just been busy.

Work has been a real time suck lately. I won't bore you with the explanation why my job is stressful because let's face care no more than this lady. My work load is getting heavier as the weeks pass and it's not going to stop for at least another three months. I told @94FTG that I wanted to go on a three month vacation and apparently he didn't take me seriously because there's been no talk of planning a trip.

I've been focusing most of my free time with the sewing machine I got for Christmas from the boy. Mainly practicing by making easy, yet practical, items. So far I've proven that I can make bags, pillows, pillow cases, door draft stoppers, plastic bag holders, doll clothes and mend tears on clothes from 1997 that I still insist on wearing. THERE'S NO END TO THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

I'm also looking for some new vegan recipes to try. We had a field roast (the celebration roast) with mashed potatoes, corn and carrots for dinner tonight. We tend to eat a lot of veggie dogs and fries, vegetable stir fry with tofu, pasta with grilled veggies in lemon olive oil topped with garlic and Italian herbs, and Amy's frozen no cheese pizza. Every once in a while we make Mexican rice bowls or chili over cous-cous. Suggestions, recommendations and recipes welcomed!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cowboys, Dildos and Feathers

Over the past few days, the boy swept me off my feet and took me to see three movies. Actually we just used some giftcards we got for Christmas but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t swept off my feet. Anywho, we chose our three films wisely. The first being the John Wayne remake True Grit. Followed by the highly entertaining and charming Jackass 3D and lastly, Black Swan. (sigh) All such fine, handsome choices.
I get giddy every time I hear the Cohen brothers are making another movie. I get less giddy when I find out it’s a western. Still hopeful, we bought a slushie for six bucks and met another couple at the theatre. The movie started and it dragged on for a bit. We get it, he killed your father, you want revenge and you’re feisty too. In all honesty, all I cared about in this movie was Jeff Bridges. Although still good, I’m not so sure I agree with all the award hype that surrounds this rushed western but I’m always pulling for the Cohen brothers and especially Jeffy B.

It may not be recognized by the academy this year but we can keep our fingers crossed that Jackass 3D gets the credit it deserves. I’ve been against the 3D movement until I saw an air born white dildo flying directly at my face. I swear it honestly felt like I was about to get a dick in the eye. Or maybe it was when a party favor, blown by a fart, stretched out into the audience? Either way, the fellas nailed the 3D movie. You can only imagine what was protruding out of the screen…vomit, wieners and explosive diarrhea to name a few. But the best part about this movie was the family sitting in front of us. I wish I could have seen their kid’s faces during that entire movie.

Let me get down to it, Black Swan is the best movie I’ve seen this year (sorry Johnny Knoxville). We missed a few minutes thanks to a flustered and awkward concession stand man, but from the moment I sat down I was sucked in. The last thing I remember was that I was trying to take off my jacket, the end credits appeared and I realized I still had my coat on. I’ll tell you, there was a lot of dancing but don’t let that form your judgment on this film. It’s worth watching and you’ll see it’s impossible to keep your eyes off Natalie Portman. Aronofky sends out his message loud and clear by bringing us yet another awesomely fucked up movie that somehow gets stuck in our heads, forcing out questions and leaving us all wondering: What does Darren Aronofsky dream? Go see this film.

Monday, January 3, 2011

This One Goes to 11

I started writing a blog a few days ago remembering 2010 but honestly I’m sick of hearing about 2010 and I deleted the whole thing. I have nothing against 2010; in fact, there is a lot I love about last year! But instead of looking back on the good, the bad and the urinated soaked jeans, I’m focusing on what 2011 has to offer me.

(in no particular order)
1.       Award season! There’s nothing quite better than a spending a Sunday night indulging on food and drink while watching The Academy Awards. Plus it’s a good excuse to splurge on movies!
2.       I’m looking forward to getting my car fixed. Not looking forward to the bill.
3.       Buying more vinyl. Listening to more vinyl.
4.       I’m not much of a believer in resolutions, but I’ve decided to go with it. Finalizing on trying to eat lunch every day. So, there’s that…
5.       Move.
6.       Paying more attention to writing and blogging.
7.       Winning the lotto or falling upon any lump sum of money.
8.       The boy and I plan on visiting a few cities starting this spring. Just a few months away!
9.       Starting my own business(es).
10.   I want to be more active this year.
11.   More good times with friends!
12.   Finally getting a tattoo in remembrance of my grandma.
13.   If I don’t win the lotto this year or fall upon a lump sum of money, it’ll be ok (I guess) because I’m getting a raise this spring. Praise Jebus!
14.   More ladies nights.
15.   Picking up a few good books to read (hopefully).
16.   I’m trying to grow my hair out but I never actually do my hair. This one should be interesting…
17.   Learning how to make more vegan food and desserts.
18.   I should probably get health insurance too.
19.   Possible free trip to NYC.
20.   Spending more time with my love.

Here’s to a solid 2011! Stay healthy and stay safe.

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